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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Uncharted 3!

I am going to be gradually adding a bunch of screen shots for sections of Uncharted 3 I textured, namely a lot of Yemen and Sand-lantis. I would say I did most of the textures onscreen aside from characters and some props. P.S. The wonderful modelling was done by Adam Littledale: Cheers!
All images © Naughty Dog and Jeremy Huxley


Shane said...

Hey Jeremy,
My name is Shane, and I work next door at Santa Monica Studios as an EA. Your friend Eva is working with us, and she told me she knew you.

Just wanted to say gorgeous work! You guys did some amazing stuff with the title (which I just finished last night). Hope you're had a nice break, and always looking forward to what you guys have next in store :)

Jeremy Huxley said...

I really appreciate that man! Eva is like a sister to me, she is also my neighbor hehe I love what you guys have done there in the past too! I just got my stepbrother A PS3 and God of War 3, my mom said he loved it! That means a lot coming from you guys! We should all get lunch sometime :)

Desiree Bradish said...

The scenescapes are all outstanding in Uncharted 3! Well done, Ubar and the Chateau were really beautiful.

Daniel Gutierrez Anaya said...

insane!!! you did an awesome job on uncharted I really ennjoyed the game!